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For Strategic HR Leaders to Proactively Lead the Rapidly Changing World of Work.


12 April 2023

 Personalization of work: what does this really mean?

08 Feb 2023

 Leading through Turbulence: How does HR lead in a Shaky Post-pandemic Economy?

02 Nov 2022  HRSF Summit: Capstone Conversations from a Year of Disruption
21 Sep 2022

 Magnitude Shift in the role of HR given the Brave New World

01 June 2022

 New Value Proposition: Employees as Humans with a Life

23 Mar 2022     Leadership in the Brave New World of Work
19 Jan 2022  Speaking out on Social/Political issues: CHRO’s role in working with CEO
17 Nov 2021  Looking back and looking forward: Lessons Learned from Reinventing
15 Sep 2021  Using HR Analytics to Drive Change        
18 Aug 2021  Work/Life Integration in the New Normal  
28 Jul 2021  The Music Paradigm
19 May 2021  Remaking Culture to Adapt to the New Realities    
21 Apr 2021  HR Burnout
17 Mar 2021  A New Talent Operating Model for the Future
23 Feb 2021  Community Conversations | February 2021
21 Jan 2021  HR Jobs for the Future
3 Dec 2020  Celebrate Unsung Heroes of HR, Reflect on Highs and Lows of 2020 and to Welcome 2021
19 Nov 2020  The Future of Work and The New Employee Experience
24 Sep 2020  Let’s talk about Racism: What’s HR’s role?
16 Jul 2020  Let's Lunch - Returning to the Office
14 May 2020  Leadership in the Age of Personalization
23 Apr 2020  Let’s Lunch: HR Leaders Convene | Virtual Event
2 Apr 2020  Let's Lunch - April 2 - Free Virtual Event
23 Jan 2020  Radical Change Through Agile HR
20 Nov 2019  On Building Workplaces that Make the Right Things Easy, the Wrong Things Hard
11 Sep 2019  New Models for HR Organizations to Lead Courageously
15 May 2019  Courageous HR: Speaking Truth to Power
14 Feb 2019  Courageous HR: What it is, Why it matters now
6 Nov 2018  Leadership Development in the Digital Age
9 Jun 2018  Digital Transformation at Work
15 May 2018  Employee Feedback and Performance
27 Mar 2018  Careers and Real-time Learning
23 Jan 2018  Designing the Organization

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