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Community Conversations | February 2021

The pandemic has had a profound effect on the health and well-being of all of us. As we near one year since the onset of the pandemic the pressures have nor relented and we are experiencing employee fatigue, where some are choosing to leave the workforce. It is a critical time to focus on employee well-being – mental, physical, emotional/psychological, and financial.

We explored how this is showing up in our workplaces and how we in HR can help reenergize our employees and get everyone focused on looking forward with excitement and renewed energy. In this, our first Community Conversation of 2021, we discussed with our peers the following:

  • What are your companies doing to address wellness and what are the gaps and challenges?
  • What needs to change to allow for employee well-being?
  • What are you doing for yourselves to maintain your own wellbeing?

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HR Jobs for the Future

The massive changes 2020 brought to where we work, how we learn, and the technologies we use to stay connected is escalating the importance of HR’s role within organizations. The 2020s are the big reset moment for HR.

In this virtual session, we discussed the latest research on 21 HR Jobs of the Future so you can lead your organization in preparing for the future and identifying the new HR skills and capabilities that will be essential to navigate the next decade. 

Jeanne’s engaging and interactive session will focused on:

  • Key mega trends driving a new set of HR skills, capabilities and new jobs.
  • The research behind 21 HR Jobs of the Future, an article published in Harvard Business Review and the findings about HR jobs of the future from 2020 to 2030.
  • A deep dive into five of these new HR Jobs that are already happening today
  • A look into the future and discussion of emerging new HR jobs and how HR can be better positioned as a strategic business driver for the organization.
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The Future of Work and the New Employee Experience

Employee Engagement expert, Craig Ramsay, shared an advanced view of his research team’s early findings and an emerging model of employee needs in today’s work world prior to their publication in 2021. Craig then moderated a discussion with two of LinkedIn’s leading People Science experts Jeff Jokerst and Tom Nolan who shared their experience applying a new People Success approach with organizations today.

Session Addressed

      • Examined what is truly motivating employees in today’s work world
      • Created organizational habits that lead to more engaged employees and sustainable performance improvements, and
      • Used ongoing employee feedback to make targeted changes that impact business outcomes

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